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== Club Activity ==
==== Meeting & Festival ====
===== 2020 =====
* Attended meeting
* Attended meeting
|| [정모/2020.1.22] ||
===== 2019 =====
Unfortunately, I couldn't attend the club meeting.

1. Personal Information

E-mail: wjh0470 at cau.ac.kr
git-hub: Wiz
Linkedin: JunhyuckWoo
Personal Page: https://Junhyuck-Woo.github.io

Interest Research Area
- Multi-Robot System
- Robot Learning

3. Club Activity

3.1. Meeting & Festival

3.1.1. 2020
3.1.2. 2019
Unfortunately, I couldn't attend the club meeting.
However, I'll upload what I've done during the week. (Study Progress)
3.1.3. 2018
3.1.4. 2016-2017
I served as a soldier in R.O.K.A (Republic of Korea Army).
So, I couldn't attend the weekly meeting.


Please let me know my grammar mistakes and wrong word selections

5. Closed

5.1. Graphic

I seriously studied "Graphics" related to movies such as works of Disney and Dreamworks.
I started a dual degree program and ABEEK (Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea). I took several related classes.
Now, I am more interested in "Robotics", so I closed my old pages.
If your interesting area is graphics and you need help, then ask some questions about whatever it is.

Please refer my github
  • InteractiveGraphics
  • Processing
  • AutoDesk

5.2. Study: Physics

I started this section to understand the robot better.
I'll study more maybe one or two.
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