English Speaking/The Simpsons/S01E05

Bart the General


실전 Script

  • 17:37 ~ 18:35
    • 내용 : 넬슨과의 전쟁을 위해 작전을 짜는 바트와 헤르만, 그리고 아브라함(바트의 할아버지)
    • 배역

Friend : Nelson's at the Elm Street Video Arcade.

Bart : Intelligence indicates he shakes down kids for quarters at the arcade.

Herman : Then he heads to the Quick-E-Mart for a cherry Squishy.
Then that's where we'll hit him.
When he leaves the Quick-E-Mart, 
we start the saturation bombing.
We got the water balloons?

Bart : Two hundred rounds, sir.
Is it okay if they say "Happy Birthday" on the side?

Herman : Well, I'd rather they say " Death From Above," but I guess we're stuck.
Okay, our main force will be split into two groups.
One will circle around this way to cut off the enemy's retreat,
the other will drive in this way, closing the trap.
It's a classic pincers movement. It can't fail against a ten-year-old.

Friend : Nelson's at the arcade, General.

Bart : Battle stations.

Herman : I feel so alive!

Abraham : You know, I thought I was too old.
I thought my time had passed.
I thought I'd never hear the screams of pain...
or see the look of terror in a young man's eyes.
Thank heaven for children.

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