English Speaking/The Simpsons/S01E04

There's no disgrace like home


실전 Script

  • 11:40 ~ 12:44
    • 내용 : 다른 가족들을 보고 상심한 호머가 모의 술집에서 술을 마시는데 다른 집을 배회하던 무리들을 찾는 경찰들이 들어온다. 다행히 호머는 그게 심슨 가족들이었단 것을 들키지 않지만 자신의 자녀들에 대해 나쁜 말을 하는 바니와 싸움이 붙는다.
    • 배역

Homer : Another beer, Moe.

Moe : What's-a matter, Homer? Bloodiest fight of the year.
You're sitting there like a thirsty bump on a log.

Police 1 : Evening, Moe.

Moe : Want some pretzels?

Police 1 : No, thanks. We're on duty. A couple beers would be nice, though.

Moe : Two bucks, boys. Just kidding.

Police 2 : Good one, Moe. We're looking for a family of Peeping Toms...
who's been terrorizing the neighborhood.
Quiet, boy.
Let the nice people enjoy their beers.
Ah, don't worry. This dog has the scent.

Police 1 : What's gotten into Bobo?

Homer : I got some wieners in my pocket.

Police 1 : That figures. Come on, you stupid dog.

Homer : You know, Moe, my mom once said something that really stuck with me.
She said, " Homer, you're a big disappointment."
And God bless her soul, she was really on to something.

Barney : Don't blame yourself, Homer. You got dealt a bad hand.
You got crummy little kids that nobody can control.

Homer : You can't talk that way about my kids! Or at least two of them.

Barney : Why, you got two I haven't met?

Homer : Why, you-- Here's five you haven't met.

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