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  • WikiTextFormattingTestPage . . . . 6 matches
         The next phrase, even though enclosed in triple quotes, '''will not display in bold because
         The next phrase, even though enclosed in triple quotes, '''will not display in bold because
         I think there is (or will be) another way to mark up headings -- this might require that the TocPlugin be installed. (The following does not work, either because it hasn't been implemented (yet), the TocPlugin is not installed, or because I haven't stumbled across exactly the right syntax.)
         Note: I've noticed some inconsistency with Swiki in handling this page, maybe because of the size? Earlier, headings did not work properly, but bulleted lists did. (The numbered and nested lists were added later.) Now headings are working but lists are not. (And I won't be surprised if, when I save this page either everything works, or something different breaks -- no headings still work, lists do not, but I wonder about the next save?)
         That seemed dumb! Why not try lines with a single space separated by totally blank lines? Why not -- because it doesn't work in WardsWiki:
  • FortuneCookies . . . . 5 matches
          * You attempt things that you do not even plan because of your extreme stupidity.
          * Your mode of life will be changed for the better because of good news soon.
          * You plan things that you do not even attempt because of your extreme caution.
          * Your mode of life will be changed for the better because of good news soon.
          * Your mode of life will be changed for the better because of new developments.
  • GofStructureDiagramConsideredHarmful . . . . 3 matches
         Each GoF pattern has a section called "Structure" that contains an OMT (or for more recent works, UML) diagram. This "Structure" section title is misleading because it suggests that there is only one Structure of a Pattern, while in fact there are many structures and ways to implement each Pattern.
         What about all those important and subtle Implementation notes that are included with each GoF Pattern? Don't those notes make it clear that a Pattern can be implemented in many ways? Answer: No, because many folks never even read the Implementation notes. They much prefer the nice, neat Structure diagrams, because they usually only take up a third of a page, and you don't have to read and think a lot to understand them.
  • MoreEffectiveC++/Appendix . . . . 3 matches
         Stroustrup has been intimately involved in the language's design, implementation, application, and standardization since its inception, and he probably knows more about it than anybody else does. His descriptions of language features make for dense reading, but that's primarily because they contain so much information. The chapters on the standard C++ library provide a good introduction to this crucial aspect of modern C++. ¤ MEC++ Rec Reading, P12
         I generally refer to this as "the LSD book," because it's purple and it will expand your mind. Coplien covers some straightforward material, but his focus is really on showing you how to do things in C++ you're not supposed to be able to do. You want to construct objects on top of one another? He shows you how. You want to bypass strong typing? He gives you a way. You want to add data and functions to classes as your programs are running? He explains how to do it. Most of the time, you'll want to steer clear of the techniques he describes, but sometimes they provide just the solution you need for a tricky problem you're facing. Furthermore, it's illuminating just to see what kinds of things can be done with C++. This book may frighten you, it may dazzle you, but when you've read it, you'll never look at C++ the same way again. ¤ MEC++ Rec Reading, P27
         Below are two presentations of an implementation for auto_ptr. The first presentation documents the class interface and implements all the member functions outside the class definition. The second implements each member function within the class definition. Stylistically, the second presentation is inferior to the first, because it fails to separate the class interface from its implementation. However, auto_ptr yields simple classes, and the second presentation brings that out much more clearly than does the first. ¤ MEC++ auto_ptr, P3
  • 영호의해킹공부페이지 . . . . 3 matches
         within a frame (FP). This can be used for referencing variables because their
         Because strcpy() has no bounds checking, there is an obvious buffer overflow
         existed: It just happened to still work because of the padding, heh. ;-P
         really, I just used assembly as an example because it's what we're playing
  • Kongulo . . . . 2 matches
         # Matches URLs in <a href=...> tags. Chosen above htmllib.HTMLParser because
          # Don't use historical flag, because if we do, GDS will "throttle"
  • TwistingTheTriad . . . . 2 matches
         In MVC, most of the application functionality must be built into a model class known as an Application Model. It is the reponsibility of the application model to be the mediator between the true domain objects and the views and their controllers. The views are responsible for displaying the domain data while the controller handle the raw usr gestures that will eventually perform action on this data. So the application model typically has method to perform menu command actions, push buttons actions and general validation on the data that it manages. Nearly all of the application logic will reside in the application model classes. However, because the application model's role is that of a go-between, it is at times necessary for it to gain access to the user interface directly but, because of the Observer relationship betweeen it and the view/controller, this sort of access is discouraged.
  • WhyWikiWorks . . . . 2 matches
          * any and all information can be deleted by anyone. Wiki pages represent nothing but discussion and consensus because it's much easier to delete flames, spam and trivia than to indulge them. What remains is naturally meaningful.
         So that's it - insecure, indiscriminate, user-hostile, slow, and full of difficult, nit-picking people. Any other online community would count each of these strengths as a terrible flaw. Perhaps wiki works because the other online communities don't. --PeterMerel
  • [Lovely]boy^_^/영작교정 . . . . 2 matches
          * [[HTML(<STRIKE>)]] The Iraq backed off becauseit was enforced by air strikes.[[HTML(</STRIKE>)]]
          * Iraq backed off because it was threatened by air strikes.
  • Boost/SmartPointer . . . . 1 match
         // is still valid because the type is complete where it counts - in the
  • BoostLibrary/SmartPointer . . . . 1 match
         // is still valid because the type is complete where it counts - in the
  • CeeThreadProgramming . . . . 1 match
          // below, Counter will not be correct because the thread has not
  • DPSCChapter4 . . . . 1 match
         '''["Adapter"](105)''' Convert the interface of a class into another interface clients expect. Adapter lets classes work together that couldn't otherwise because of incompatible interfaces
  • EffectiveC++ . . . . 1 match
         // Unfortunately, this is incorrect, because the data member x in
  • EnglishSpeaking/2012년스터디 . . . . 1 match
          * Mike and Jen's conversation is little harder than AJ Hoge's video. But I like that audio because that is very practical conversation.
  • EnglishSpeaking/TheSimpsons/S01E01 . . . . 1 match
         Homer : Oh, good, because I do love you.
  • Gnutella-MoreFree . . . . 1 match
         // Reset m_pChunk because this can be called multiple times
  • InternalLinkage . . . . 1 match
         Consider for a moment why you'd declare an object to be static. It's usually because you want only a single copy of that object, right? Now consider what inline means. Conceptually, it means compilers should replace each call to the function with a copy of the function body, but for non-member functions, it also means something else. It means the functions in question have internal linkage.
  • LearningToDrive . . . . 1 match
         Everythings in software changes. The requirements change. The design changes. The business changes. The technology changes. The team changes. The team members change. The problem isn't change, per se, because change is going to happen; the problem, rather, is the inability to cope with change when it comes.
  • MajorMap . . . . 1 match
         Two's complement is the most popular method of representing signed integers in computer science. It is also an operation of negation (converting positive to negative numbers or vice versa) in computers which represent negative numbers using two's complement. Its use is ubiquitous today because it doesn't require the addition and subtraction circuitry to examine the signs of the operands to determine whether to add or subtract, making it both simpler to implement and capable of easily handling higher precision arithmetic. Also, 0 has only a single representation, obviating the subtleties associated with negative zero (which is a problem in one's complement). --from [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two's_complement]
  • MoinMoinBugs . . . . 1 match
         ''Yes, by design, just like headings don't accept trailing spaces. In the case of headings, it is important because "= x =" is somewhat ambiguous. For tables, the restriction could be removed, though.''
  • MoinMoinDiscussion . . . . 1 match
          * '''R''': The Icon macro worked well. I wanted to avoid the fully qualified URL because to access the Wiki in question requires password authentication. Including an image using the full URL caused my webserver (Apache 1.3.19) to reprompt for authentication whenever the page was viewed or re-edited. Perhaps a default {{{~cpp [[Image]]}}} macro could be added to the distribution (essentially identical to {{{~cpp [[Icon]]}}} ) which isn't relative to the data/img directory. (!) I've actually been thinking about trying to cook up my own "upload image" (or upload attachment) macro. I need to familiarize myself with the MoinMoin source first, but would others find this useful?
  • MoinMoinFaq . . . . 1 match
         '''NO''' security. (That's right!) Because of this, the
         difficult, because there is a change log (and back versions) of every page
  • MoniWikiPo . . . . 1 match
         "Sorry, can not save page because some messages are blocked in this wiki."
  • OpenGL스터디_실습 코드 . . . . 1 match
          //register GLUT_STENCIL(because of stencil buffer), if you want to use stensil function.
  • RandomWalk/임인택 . . . . 1 match
          // because the roach doesn't know his position
  • SmalltalkBestPracticePatterns/DispatchedInterpretation . . . . 1 match
         This is a simplified case of Dispatched Interpretation because there is only a single message coming back. For the most part, there will be several messages. For example, we can use this pattern with the Shape example. Rather than have a case statement for every command, we have a method in PostScriptShapePrinter for every command, For example:
  • WikiSlide . . . . 1 match
         Below the list of templates you will also find a list of existing pages with a similar name. You should always check this list because someone else might have already started a page about the same subject but named it slightly differently.
  • [Lovely]boy^_^/Arcanoid . . . . 1 match
          * Now sources become very dirty, because I add a new game skill. I always try to eliminate a duplication, and my source has few duplication. but method's length is so long, and responsiblity of classes is not divided appropriately. All collision routine is focusing on CArcaBall class.
  • [Lovely]boy^_^/Diary/12Rest . . . . 1 match
          * I read a Programming Pearls Chapter 6 a little, because I can't understand very well--;. So I read Chapter 7,8,9,10 roughly. In my opinion, there is no very serious contents.
  • [Lovely]boy^_^/Diary/2-2-16 . . . . 1 match
         DeleteMe) I envy you. In my case, all final-exams will end at Friday. Shit~!!! -_- Because of dynamics(In fact, statics)... -_-;; --["Wiz"]
          * I typed directX codes from NeXe sites, because RolePlaying Games with DirectX that I borrowed some days ago is so difficult for me. Let's study slow and steady...
  • [Lovely]boy^_^/Diary/2-2-9 . . . . 1 match
          * I read the TheMythicalManMonth Chapter5,6. I feel chapter5's contents a bit.. I can't know precision contents.--; It's shit.. I read a chapter6 not much, because I'm so tired. I'll get up early tomorrow, and read chapter6.
  • [Lovely]boy^_^/EnglishGrammer/PresentAndPast . . . . 1 match
          ex) She ''passed'' her exam because she ''studied'' very hard.
  • [Lovely]boy^_^/EnglishGrammer/ReportedSpeech . . . . 1 match
          "I didn't expect to see you, Jim. Kelly said you were sick." (not "Kelly said you are sick," because obviously he is not sick)
  • 논문번역/2012년스터디/김태진 . . . . 1 match
         주어진 손글씨 문서에 대한 이미지에 대해 처음 전체 이미지를 삐뚤게 쓴 것은(?) 글쓰는 것에 대한 지속적인 "drift"(흐름) - 지속적으로 계속되는 것이거나 스캔하는 동안 부정확하게 놓여진 것(가지런하게 두지 않아서..)에 의한 오류들을 수정하기 위해 고쳤다. 그래서, 그 이미지는 2진화된 이미지를 수직 밀집 히스토그램에서 최소한의 엔트로피가 될때까지 반복한다. 이러한 전처리는 IAM 데이터베이스에 대한 공식을 사용하지 않았는데, 글쓴이들이 스캔하는 동한 정확하게 ???????because the writers were asked to use rulers on a second sheet put below the form and the formulars itself are aligned precisely during scanning.
  • 영호의바이러스공부페이지 . . . . 1 match
         Be carefull because this virus will most likly format you hard drive if you
         ; Because of Cybernetic Mutation Technology(tm), the CRC of this file often
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