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1. Tables broken by trailing spaces

Tables don't work right if there are trailing spaces.

Yes, by design, just like headings don't accept trailing spaces. In the case of headings, it is important because "= x =" is somewhat ambiguous. For tables, the restriction could be removed, though.

This row is ok
this row isn't
OK again

2. Cookies

And as a fun sidenote, the UserPreferences cookie doesn't seem to work. The cookie is in my ~/.netscape/cookies file still. My EfnetCeeWiki and XmlWiki cookies are duplicated!? It is kind of like the bug you found when I, ChristianSunesson, tried this feature with netscape just after you deployed it.
Hehe, and my changes are not logged to the RecentChanges database, I'll hope you find these changes this year. :) BUG BUG BUG!

Well, Netscape suxx. I send the cookies with the CGI'S path, w/o a hostname, which makes it unique enough. Apparently not for netscape. I'll look into adding the domain, too.

Hmmm...I use NetScape, MsIe, MoZilla and Galeon. I haven't had a problem but some other's using MoinMoin 0.8 have intermittently lost cookies. Any ideas?
-- BruceDurling

3. Misc

  • Solve the problem of the Windows filesystem handling a WikiName case-indifferent (i.e. map all deriatives of an existing page to that page).
  • Check whether the passed WikiName is valid when editing pages (so no pages with an invalid WikiName can be created); this could also partly solve the case-insensitive filename problem (do not save pages with a name only differing in case)

  • InterWiki links should either display the destination Wiki name or generate the A tag with a TITLE attribute so that (at least in IE) the full destination is displayed by floating the cursor over the link. At the moment, it's too hard to figure out where the link goes. With that many InterWiki destinations recognised, we can't expect everyone to be able to recognise the URL.
    • Hover over the interwiki icon and you'll already get a tooltip, I'll look into the title attribute stuff.
    • Ta.
  • RecentChanges can tell you if something is updated, or offer you a view of the diff, but not both at the same time.
    • If you want the latest diff for an updated page, click on "updated" and then on the diff icon (colored glasses) at the top.
    • That's what I'm doing for the time being, but by the same rationale you don't need to offer diffs from RecentChanges at all.
    • The intent is to not clutter RecentChanges with functions not normally used. I do not see a reason you want the lastest diff when you have the much better diff to your last visit.
  • It'd be really nice if the diff was between now and the most recent version saved before your timestamp (or, failing that, the oldest version available). That way, diff is "show me what happened since I was last here", not just "show me what the last edit was."
    • Hmmm, that is so. :) Take a look at the message at the top of the diff page after clicking on "updated", it'll often show text like "spanning x versions". You need the current CVS version for that, though.
    • Oh, okay. Is this MoinMoin CVS enabled? Reason being: I did a few updates of a page, and was only being shown the last one. I'll try that some more and get back to you.
    • Not CVS, but versioning all the same. I mean you have to get the most recent code from the SourceForge CVS archive for some features to work, if you test on a local wiki.

4. Unicode issues

With 0.3, TitleIndex is broken if first letter of Japanese WikiName is multibyte character. This patch works well for me but need to be fixed for other charsets.
*** moin.cgi.sav	Sat Oct 28 13:26:26 2000
--- moin.cgi	Sat Oct 28 13:39:04 2000
*** 623,628 ****
--- 623,630 ----
          letter = name[0]
          if isUnicodeName(name):
              letter = "~"
+         if letter not in (string.letters + string.digits):
+             letter = "~"
          if letter not in index_letters:
          if letter <> current_letter:
Differently broken. :) I think we can live with the current situation, the worst edges are removed (before, chopping the first byte out of an unicode string lead to broken HTML markup!). It will stay that way until I buy the ISBN:Unicode 3.0 book.

5. paragraph bug redux

They render identically with IE5. Provide some info on your browser & OS. And the HTML is identical:

Some text. <p>
<b>window</b> <ul>
 The main, rectangular background, control and data area of an application. <p></ul>
<b>dialog boxes</b> <ul>
 A temporary, pop-up window created by the application, where the user can 
enter information and provide commands. <p></ul>

Please note that they aren't actually identical: the P that precedes dialog boxes is interrupted by the closing /UL tag, whereas the P preceding windw is not followed by a closing /UL.

6. Bug in ASCII encoding

The page PrettyPrintXslt seems to have a nasty bug in it ...

That is a known bug in 4XSLT.
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