English Speaking/2012년스터디

1. Outline

  • Goal : To talk naturally about technical subject in English!
  • We meet every Friday 3 pm.
  • Participants : Sookyoung Kim, Jihye Seo
  • Trello

2. How to

  • Don't be nervous! Don't be shy! Mistakes are welcomed. We talk about everything in English.

3. Regular Meetings

3.1. 2nd November

3.2. 23rd November

@ 527 Lecture Room
  • Bomb English - Episode 1
    • We listened audio file and read part of script by taking role.(And after reading script once, we also change our role and read script again.)
    • We tried to do shadowing but we found that conversation is not fit to do shadowing.
  • Free talking and retrospective.

3.2.1. Feedback

  • Jihye Seo
  • Sookyoung Kim
    • 2nd time of ESS! Our English speaking ability is not growing visibly but that's OK. It's just 2nd time. But we need to study everyday for expanding our vocabulary and increasing our ability rapidly. Thus I'll memorize vocabulary and study with basic English application(It's an android application. I get it for FREE! YAY!) I wish I can speak English more fluent in our 20th study. XD
    • Mike and Jen's conversation is little harder than AJ Hoge's video. But I like that audio because that is very practical conversation.

3.3. 30th November

@ ZeroPage's Room

3.3.1. Feedback

  • Jihye Seo
  • Sookyoung Kim
    • Today, we were little confused by Yunji's appearance. We expected conversation between 2 persons but there were 3 persons who take part in episode 2. And we made a mistake about deviding part. Next time, when we get 3 persons' conversation again, we should pay attention to devide part equally. Or we can do line by line reading instead of role playing.
    • We decided to talk about technical subject freely, about 3 minutes in every month. It might be a little hard stuff at first time. But let's do it first and make it better gradually. Do not forget our slogan(?) - Don't be nervous! Don't be shy! Mistakes are welcomed.
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