1. 12/16 Mon

  • I completely destroy the marriage and family final-exam.--;
  • I borrow the Role Playing Game with DirectX.

2. 12/17 Tue

  • Today, All final-exams will end.
DeleteMe) I envy you. In my case, all final-exams will end at Friday. Shit~!!! -_- Because of dynamics(In fact, statics)... -_-;; --Wiz

3. 12/18 Wed

  • It's 1st day of a winter school vacation. I must do a plan.
  • Let's enumarate. English, Smalltalk, Design Pattern, Accelerated C++, DirectX, etc...
  • I read a novel named the Brain all day. Today's reading amount is about 600 pages. It's not so interesting as much as the price of fame.
  • Today, I saw a psycho that is only heard. I felt grimness at her.
  • I heard my mom will leave hospital. assa~
  • When I am given a motive, I can do the things extreme.
  • There is no man nicer than a man who has a target, and rushs towards it.
  • I can't translate english sentence that I writed.--;

4. 12/19 thu

  • I heard Jung mong-joon revenged No moo-hyun. I can't believe government men.
  • Today, I'll type DirectX Codes.... but I didn't.--;
  • I studied Grammar in Use Chapter 39,40. I have not done study this book since then summer.--;
  • I read a little Power Reading. Today's reading's principle content is using a regulator(ex) pen, pinger. etc). but this method is what I have used all the time.--; I should read a lot more.
  • I studied ProgrammingPearls chapter 3. When I was reading, I could find familiar book name - the Mythical Man Month, and Code Complete.
  • I summarized a ProgrammingPearls chapter 3.
  • Don't write a big program when a little one will do.
  • The more general problem may be easier to solve.

5. 12/20 Fri

  • I typed directX codes from NeXe sites, because RolePlaying Games with DirectX that I borrowed some days ago is so difficult for me. Let's study slow and steady...
  • I don't understand accuracy a world, view, projection matrix.--; I should study a lot more.
  • I studied ProgrammingPearls chapter 4,5. Both 4 and 5 are using a binary search. Its content is no bug programm.
  • I studied Grammar in Use Chapter 41,42.
  • I had drunken with friend until A.M. 2:00. and had sung until A.M. 4:00--;
  • My mom was leaving a hospital. ^^
  • Damn it! Algorithm score--; why?~~~~~~~~~
  • Keeping the code simple is usually the key to correctness.

6. 12/21 Sat

7. 12/22 Sun

  • I summarized a ProgrammingPearls chapter 6.
  • I read a Squeak chapter 1,2.
  • I don't know my drinking amount yet.--;

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